Friday, April 18, 2008

My First Family Shoot

So here is a shoot that I did yesterday with some family friends. It was a pretty windy day, and so I had to edit out a lot of hair in people's faces, but the results seem to be alright. I hope they look good once they are printed up. I'm going to be taking some more photos for one of their daughter's senior pictures, one daughter's mission pictures, another daughter's...I'm not sure why but for something that she needs pictures for, and then my in-laws would like some done of them before they leave on their mission. I'm excited!


Hailey & Drew said...

Ash, I think it is awesome that you're taking up photography. The pics are looking great! Keep it up!

Courtney Lou said...

Good job! You are going to be making the big bucks soon :)

jamieschip said...

They all look great. I like the first family pic. I don't think I saw that one before. Anyway, if you need more "practice" you know I'm Miss Photogenic (not really, but my kids are... most of the time!) Thanks for talking tonight. I needed to sort through my feelings about this whole mess. The people came over and I think they want him. I'm getting mad just thinking about this whole thing! Anyway, thanks for chatting. Love you.