Thursday, June 11, 2009

ONE more (don't be a hater)

Okay, just ONE more. I'm sorry, I'll stop after this, but I had to share this last one from my maternity shoot with Courtney because I LOVE it. Hope you do, too!


jamieschip said...

Cute! I love this pic. How the heck does Courtney not have weight gain anywhere except her belly? Jealous. Ash, you're way talented and I'm just glad I'm your sister and can use and abuse your photog skills.

Dawn Marie said...

I saw your comment on PW, and I love your talent. AMAZING photos, and you certainly have an eye for beauty. I think that most of us in the world would be so impressed if we met ourselves. You are no exception.

Pieces of me... said...

Those maternity pics are fun! I love the one when Dan is looking at her belly crossing his eyes... it made me laugh! :)