Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Beautiful Baby

I had another friend who just had a little baby boy a couple weeks ago and was sweet enough to let me photograph him. He was a very good baby and was pretty easy to shoot. I think I like photographing babies the best, because they are cute no matter what they're doing and they just lay there for ya. Anyway, I know there are lots of pictures, but I loved them all. I do have them in color too (I've only shown the one), but there is something about B&W pics that I can't resist. Enjoy!



Rosie said...

Tell you what, Ash. We can trade photo shoots for complete scrapbook albums. =) I bet you could get into digital scrapping though... =) Did you hear that Brian's got a line on a job just outside of Portland?

Chad said...

You are the best. I love these pictures!