Monday, April 28, 2008

Ryleigh Pics

Well, since I posted some of Jayden I figured I had better post some of Ryleigh as well. Some of these aren't that great because I took them of Ryleigh looking into the sun and so she's all squinty. I also tried combing her hair straight after her bath today and it ended up looking a bit flat. I love the curls, so I won't be trying to straighten it out again. The pics are fun anyway, just not exactly what I wanted. I added my copyright logo on some of them just to see what it looks like. What do you think? Also, I put up some previous ones of Ryleigh from my family blog, just like with Jayden's. I think my favotire picture of Ryleigh is the black and white one on the bottom.

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Courtney Lou said...

You need some love on this blog. Again, I love your pictures! THANK YOU for the notice on your friend selling her camera, I shot her an email! Dan seemed pretty excited about that... he was like "if it's the camera you want, it seems like a good opportunity!"
yay! Where does Sarah live?
You rock... and I really wish you lived closer to us!
We'll definitely get together when you come down!